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Geoffrey Bouillot



  • Geoffrey Bouillot is a French artist who was born at 19based in Japan whose paintings have been featured in several solo and group exhibitions nationally.

  • He believes that the role of an artist is to capture a present moment, which is sometimes insignificant, in order to sublimate it and draw from it its deep value, translating its spirit. Bouillot's distinctive still- lifes and portraits are imbued with symbols related to alchemy as well as patterns that are inspired by ancient civilizations.

  • Specialty: Graffiti, Acrylic Paintings, Murals, Screen-print, Ink Drawing and Art Toy



  • 2021 Osaka, Japan / NYC, US / Seoul, Korea / London, UK (Upcoming Solo and group exhibitions)

  • 2020 Gray Version – Tokyo, Japan (Solo exhibition)

  • 2020 Tokyo Nights – Tokyo, Japan (Group exhibition)

  • 2020 Toute La Lumiere – “Trunk Hotel” Tokyo, Japan (Solo Exhibition)

  • 2020 Orientalis – Hong Kong, China (Solo exhibition)

  • 2019 Solo Retrospective / Taishakuten Temple - Tokyo, Japan (Solo exhibition)

  • 2019 In white and black / Ambassade de France - Tokyo, Japan (Solo exhibition)

  • 2019 All light / Trunk Hotel - Tokyo, Japan (Solo exhibition)

  • 2019 In black and white / Atelier 485 - Tokyo, Japan (Solo exhibition)

  • 2019Group exhibition “G.O.S” / Fukagawa Garage - Tokyo, Japan(Group exhibition)

  • 2018 Complete? / Garde Gallery - Tokyo, Japan (Solo exhibition)

  • 2018 Maru, Shikaku, Sankaku / Atelier 485 – Tokyo, Japan (Group Exhibition)

Art Works

PHOTO-2021-11-13-10-09-22 2.jpg
PHOTO-2021-11-13-10-09-24 2.jpg
PHOTO-2021-11-13-10-09-20 2.jpg
PHOTO-2021-11-13-10-09-23 2.jpg
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