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Geoffrey Bouillot



Geoffrey Bouillot is a French artist who was born at 19based in Japan whose paintings have been featured in several solo and group exhibitions nationally. He believes that the role of an artist is to capture a present moment, which is sometimes insignificant, in order to sublimate it and draw from it its deep value, translating its spirit. Bouillot's distinctive still- lifes and portraits are imbued with symbols related to alchemy as well as patterns that are inspired by ancient civilizations.

Specialty: Graffiti, Acrylic Paintings, Murals, Screen-print, Ink Drawing and Art Toy



  • 2021 Osaka, Japan / NYC, US / Seoul, Korea / London, UK (Upcoming Solo and group exhibitions)

  • 2020 Gray Version – Tokyo, Japan (Solo exhibition)

  • 2020 Tokyo Nights – Tokyo, Japan (Group exhibition)

  • 2020 Toute La Lumiere – “Trunk Hotel” Tokyo, Japan (Solo Exhibition)

  • 2020 Orientalis – Hong Kong, China (Solo exhibition)

  • 2019 Solo Retrospective / Taishakuten Temple - Tokyo, Japan (Solo exhibition)

  • 2019 In white and black / Ambassade de France - Tokyo, Japan (Solo exhibition)

  • 2019 All light / Trunk Hotel - Tokyo, Japan (Solo exhibition)

  • 2019 In black and white / Atelier 485 - Tokyo, Japan (Solo exhibition)

  • 2019Group exhibition “G.O.S” / Fukagawa Garage - Tokyo, Japan(Group exhibition)

  • 2018 Complete? / Garde Gallery - Tokyo, Japan (Solo exhibition)

  • 2018 Maru, Shikaku, Sankaku / Atelier 485 – Tokyo, Japan (Group Exhibition)

Art Works

PHOTO-2021-11-13-10-09-22 2.jpg
PHOTO-2021-11-13-10-09-24 2.jpg
PHOTO-2021-11-13-10-09-20 2.jpg
PHOTO-2021-11-13-10-09-23 2.jpg
PHOTO-2021-11-13-10-09-21 2.jpg
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