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Art4Raise, we offer a range of services and products to meet the needs of our clients. Here are our main areas of business and products:


  • Art Merchandise Intellectual Property: We strive to protect the intellectual property of art merchandise. Through professional legal services and intellectual property management, we help artists and brand owners safeguard their art merchandise from piracy and infringement.

  • Development of Global Network with Galleries and Exhibitions: We actively engage in the international art market by developing an international network of galleries and participating in major art exhibitions. This promotes collaboration and exchange between artists and collectors from around the world.

  • Collection Management : We provide professional advice on how to maximize the value of your investment and preserve the beauty of your collection. that reflects your unique style and artistic vision.

  • Art Funds: We provide art funds for investors specializing in investing and trading within the art market. By investing in art funds, investors can participate in the growth of the art market and share in the profits.

  • Art Financing: We offer art financing services to assist collectors and artists in leveraging their artworks as collateral to obtain funding. This form of financing can help them further develop their art careers or investment plans.

  • Art Industry Talent Training: Art4Raise is committed to nurturing professionals in the art industry. We provide professional training courses in areas such as art market analysis, art valuation, and art management, helping students succeed in this field.

  • Professional Certification Programs: Art4Raise offers professional certification programs to help professionals obtain relevant qualifications. These courses cover areas such as art market, art valuation, and art investment, enhancing the professionalism and competitiveness of participants.

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