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Arkiv Vilmansa


  • Indonesian artist Arkiv Vilmansa has been painting, illustrating and designing since 2005. Shortly after finishing his Bachelor degree in Architecture he plunged into the art world citing his love for drawing as his inspiration for this change of career path. He had a strong debut with his first vinyl figurine titled Arkiv Instant.

  • His exhibitions around South East Asia such as Reachable Distance in Indonesia and Relics in Philippines explore the deep, curvaceous lines and bold, radiant colours that now have become Arkiv’s artistic trademark, while working around themes such as memory and personal growth.

  • Each collection shows new directions: in previous ones he delved into more abstracted forms, and in his most recent series titled The Aftermath, Arkiv investigated the possibilities of colour gradients. Darker shades were chosen to represent a bleak, desolate world in the aftermath of a great natural disaster, where new, unexpected life forms emerge.

  • Arkiv paints with cheery colors in his signature curvy and graphic style. In his future works, it is safe to say that we can expect to see more of his whimsical and comical representations as well as wait for exciting, unpredictable turns.

  • Specialty: Graphic design, Acylic Paintings and Art Toys




IKEA Sweden x ARKIV, IKEA Art Event 2018

  • The fourth series of IKEA Art Event continues to make art affordable for everyone while exploring the imaginative world connected to figurines.

  • For this year’s limited-edition series of IKEA Art Event, the fourth of its kind, IKEA has invited artists Arkiv Vilmansa, James Jarvis, Joe Ledbetter, Junko Mizuno, Ludvig Löfgren, Michael Lau and Nathan Jurevicius to the Målerås glass factory in southern Sweden to create contemporary glass figurines.

Art Works

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